We are an integrated energy company active at every stage of the value chain: from logistics and supply to distribution, from renewables to circular economy.

We operate at all levels of the market, right down to the end user, and manage strategic infrastructure necessary for the Italian's competitiveness and smart mobility. We invest in innovative projects related to the energy transition, in line with the changing world, to be among the leaders of the new global energy scenario. By 2050 all our products and processes will be completely decarbonised.

Just transition


Guided by our talents, we encourage long-lasting, inclusive and sustainable growth in the name of innovation.


Accessibility is the common goal of our businesses.

Energy is central to almost all of the most important challenges and opportunities facing the world today. In line with the Sustainable Development Goals, we want to facilitate access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy systems.


The circular economy for a long-term vision.

Our vision is to create a circular economy that uses clean sources as a driving force for a changing world. We want to offer increasingly affordable energy services and increase the share of renewable energy in our total production.


Integrated Energy Solutions.