Kri Logistica becomes Gala Logistica: the oil terminals of north-east Italy located in Trieste and Visco.

September 2021

4 min


The Ludoil Group acquired from the Q8 Group 100% of the shares of KRI Logistica, now called Gala Logistica, company in charge of two oil terminals in north-east Italy, in Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The transaction was conducted with the company Sodeco Srl.

The logistics system consists of the coastal terminal of Trieste and the oil terminal of Visco, connected by a 10" pipeline. The pipeline runs for a length of about 60 km, with two river crossings, Isonzo and Torre.

The Trieste and Visco terminals are added to the other logistics hubs of the Group, now present from the north to the south of Italy. This operation allows us to make a further step forward in the primary oil logistics.

Also with Gala Logistica we will act in complete harmony with all the present stakeholders, guaranteeing greater reliability in supplies. Our intention is not only to accelerate the service and its greater synergy with the port infrastructure, but also to pay particular attention to the environmental safety of all the involved area.