Identification of infrastructure, security and supply of the Country.

Some of our assets are considered strategic by the Italian Government that, through the adoption of a program prepared by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, identifies the critical infrastructure necessary for the competitiveness of the Country.

The identification of infrastructure, according to the Italian Law No. 239 of 23/08/2004, must ensure strategic security, including the adaptation of the national strategy to the Community energy infrastructure and its use in terms of supply of the Country.


Integrated logistics systems of the Ludoil Group: strategic to move Italy.

The two coastal terminals of Trieste and Visco, the four oil terminals and the offshore oil platform of Civitavecchia and the coastal terminal of Vibo Valentia are considered strategic assets. These logistics infrastructures, located from north to south Italy, cover the energy needs of more than 50% of Italian regions.

closeup-fuel-storage-tanks-petroleum-refinery ludoil-top-view-refinery-plant-equipment-pipe-line-oil-gas-valves-gas-plante


Transmission oil pipelines to connect infrastructures.

We are equipped with over 150 km of pipelines, partly onshore and partly offshore (those located along the seabed). Two lines fall between the national strategic assets: the 57 km line in Friuli Venezia-Giulia, connecting Trieste coastal terminal with Visco terminal, and the 63 km line in Lazio, connecting Civitavecchia oil terminals with Rome Fiumicino International Airport. Through this line, we provide more than half of the airport’s energy needs.


Through our strategic infrastructures and thanks to the storage capacity of the whole Ludoil Group, we are included in the short-list of the Italian Central Stockholding Entity (OCSIT) with the task of maintaining the emergency oil stocks.

As a member of the EU and the International Energy Agency (IEA), Italy must comply with EU Directive 2009/119/EC imposing Member States the obligation to maintain stocks of crude oil and/or petroleum products to ensure their availability in case of a national or international crisis. To date, we hold 132,000 tons of oil products for OCSIT divided between: 47,000 tons of Jet Fuel and 85,000 tons of Diesel.