Our integrated operations start from the logistics to the final markets.

We are among the main operators in Italy in the storage and transportation of oil products, having an integrated logistics infrastructure composed of an offshore platform, a network of pipelines and a system of eight directly managed terminals throughout Italy for the marketing and storage of final products.

The Ludoil Group logistics is organized on a hub structure, with four main areas that ensure a greater recovery of efficiency through the monitoring and centralization of the handling flows.

Our assets cover the energy needs of more than 50% of Italian regions and, some of them, are part of the Italian strategic infrastructure. Moreover, we hold OCSIT emergency oil stocks for 132,000 tons.


Ludoil Group's Hub Organizational Structure.

Friuli-Venezia Giulia


From the tanker unloading operations to the sorting towards the coastal terminals of Civitavecchia: features and strategic importance of the offshore platform.

The offshore oil platform and the coastal terminals of Civitavecchia allow us to be the biggest private operator in the oil logistics of the Mediterranean sea.

Platform details


We have a pipeline system, which is divided into several lines, with a total length of more than 150 km.

The pipelines transport oil products from tankers to sorting areas or between such areas. They are equipped with leak detection technologies, able to prevent potential leaks, and geographic information systems hat provide valuable data on the routes traveled by the pipes, ensuring the utmost attention to the territory and the infrastructure involved.

Among the different lines, the 57 km line connecting Trieste to Visco and the 63 km line connecting Civitavecchia oil terminals to Rome Fiumicino International Airport are part of the Italian strategic assets.