Meridionale Petroli Coastal Terminal

Meridionale Petroli is the company of Ludoil Group that owns a coastal terminal next to the unloading dock of the Vibo Valentia Port. The terminal has a storage capacity of over 29,000 cubic meters, with a turn around well over twelve times greater, and guarantees more than 50% of oil consumption in Calabria.

Its geographical location is a focal point for the supply of the fuel distribution network not only of Calabria but of all southern Italy. In fact, the main oil companies move products from the Meridionale Petroli terminal to the distributors of Calabria and neighboring regions.

The coastal terminal is provided with a roof loading platform through tankers of the latest generation, with an automatic closed circuit system for the recovery of vapors (VRU). In recent years, significant revamping interventionshave been carried out, such as the implementation of a blending system, in compliance with the regulations for the introduction of biofuels into the network, which make Vibo Valentia terminal among the most efficient and modern in the country.


  • Address : Via Amerigo Vespucci, 65 - Vibo Valentia (VV)
  • Area : State, 20.000 m2
  • Storage capacity 29.000 m3
  • Products :




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