petroli investimenti

From the unloading to the coastal terminals.

Petroli Investimenti is the company of the Ludoil Group that manages an offshore oil platform for the unloading and sorting of oil products from tankers. To the platform, ships with a gross capacity up to 100,000 tons can dock.

The terminal, placed in the roadstead of Civitavecchia and consisting of a single-point mooring and swivel platform, is connected to the Sodeco coastal terminals by a line of pipelines partly offshore and partly onshore: the unloaded products, are transported to the sorting area by first passing through a sealine - 22-inch pipeline that winds for 2.2 km on the seabed - and then through an oil pipeline located on the coast.

Oil platform features

The offshore terminal is composed of a single-point mooring and swivel platform.

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