Ludoil Energy concretely supports ADM to promote high-impact social projects.

December 2022

3 min


Ludoil among the companies to receive the ADM social certificate from the Italian Customs and Monopoly Agency (ADM - Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli).

Rome, 13th December 2022 – The General Director of ADM, Marcello Minenna, presented the G20 Policy Monitor in the Chamber of Deputies in Montecitorio. Together with him, Rodolfo Errore, the General Director of Ludoil Energy, also took part in the initiative.

The G20 Policy Monitor is a report that compares regulation in the fields of Excise, Customs and State Monopolies in the G20 countries and it represents a useful tool to identify best practices in use.

The conference was also an opportunity to introduce the report of the initative «La Dimensione Sociale di ADM», a public call for Third Sector Entities to propose social projects and to collect funding from Second Sector operators, regulated by the Italian Customs and Monopoly Agency. ADM indeed asked to its stakeholders, Ludoil Energy included, a support to finance Third sector projects, which represent the real of Italy and Second sector with civil society.

“The initiative was a great success for the sector that regulates the Agency and for the Agency itself. We raised almost €350,000 and identified new solutions for the public administration, making accurate checks on those who made the donations and on those who received the funds. By mid-January, we will publish a new public call, where new features will be introduced to make interaction easier. In the G20 Policy Monitor we decided to insert some certificates to recognize the work done to our stakeholders and that it could be for them a flagship of interaction with civil society in Italy”, said General Director Minenna.

Ludoil Energy is among the companies that have received the ADM certificate for the support of the initiative: “Supporting the initiative with a long-term vision and sustainable social development means offering financial resources to entities, associations, and non-profit organizations through which to accelerate their projects and the quality of the impact generated. We are proud to have received the ADM certificate, which demonstrates the commitment and convinced collaboration between the Ludoil Energy and the highest regulatory authority in our sector”, said Ludoil Energy President Ammaturo.