Maxi agreement between Ludoil and Intesa Sanpaolo for the transfer of tax credits for €1,3 billion.

December 2022

3 min


The agreement with Intesa Sanpaolo highlights the holistic approach that the Ludoil Group continues to take, always sensitive towards ESG issues.

Intesa Sanpaolo and Ludoil Energy, one of the main private companies in the energy sector, active in infrastructural logistics and renewables, and which invests in innovative circular economy projects, have signed an agreement for the receipt of tax credits linked to the Italian “Super-bonus” (a tax advantage available for those who are willing to make property upgrades that qualify as energy renovation) for a value equal to 1.3 billion euros: a record sale for this type of asset.

Intesa Sanpaolo led by Carlo Messina was the first Italian bank to fully implement the Aid decree, which provided for the transfer to the business world.

The contract signed with Ludoil Energy responds to the logic of progressively restarting the credit transfer market: the bank’s goal is to continue to involve many companies to expand its fiscal capacity, today content. In fact, they are the essential and decisive counterpart for boosting the transfer market with a view to relaunching and expanding the business.

Ludoil Energy welcomed Intesa Sanpaolo's request, supporting the construction sector, which is crucial for the Country's energy efficiency.

Intesa Sanpaolo was the first bank in Italy to announce operations in the Super-bonus, Eco-bonus and Sisma-bonus sectors in August 2020, in compliance with the implementing regulations of the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and the Revenue Agency under the “Relaunch Decree” (Decreto Rilancio).

Thanks to the agreement with Ludoil Energy, Intesa Sanpaolo will continue to give feedback to its customers who are waiting to be able to sell their receivables, ensuring regulatory and maintaining strict attention in the documentary verification conducted so far. This has allowed the bank to build a portfolio of quality credits that today facilitates the receipt without risk for customers and with a distinctive offer model on the market.

Francesco Guarnera, Member of the Board and Head of Renewables of Ludoil Energy S.p.A.: "The agreement with Intesa highlights the holistic approach that continues to have our Group, always sensitive towards ESG issues. This agreement also strengthens the partnership consolidated for decades with the most important financial institution of our country, which is accompanying us in a path of energy transition constantly aimed at operational excellence".

Giuseppe Nargi, Regional Director of Campania, Calabria and Sicily, Intesa Sanpaolo: "Thanks to the important agreement with Ludoil Energy we continue to implement the mechanism of receiving tax credits for the Super-bonus and other building bonuses. It is the second operation that we finalize in Campania, and we hope that new initiatives will follow soon with other companies in the territory, which can take advantage of a significant tax advantage and, at the same time, help to reactivate the interventions related to building bonuses. Our Group has always worked in collaboration with Deloitte, offering a high degree of control of the practices and thus ensuring a portfolio of quality credits. This represents a value for construction companies that come to us, both for companies that purchase tax credits accrued".