President Ammaturo: “Ludoil introduces Luce, the green holding company to lead energy transition”.

September 2021

4 min


The energy sector is undergoing a period of major transformation. It is still evident the dependence on fossil fuels, although in many countries natural gas, as an alternative to coal, is seen as the solution "bridge" waiting for the so-called renewable sources to be established. In addition to global warming, there is a new phenomenon, the energy crisis, which is affecting the whole world.

Among the triggers is the COVID-19 post-pandemic economic recovery which has led to an increase in energy demand, in addition to extreme climate events that destabilize entire nations and to complicated international policies.

As an energy society, we must take responsibility for creating a new era: we must be actors in this transition. It’s time to invest in and for our future.

With the aim of achieving the ambitious goals of 2030, the Ludoil Group has created Luce SpA, a company dedicated to the development and management of energy generation from renewable sources at an international level.

Through Luce, the entire Ludoil Group aims to generate zero net emissions by 2050, placing the guidelines of the Paris agreement at the heart of the action. In order to create value for all our stakeholders, we will contribute to the achievement of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The evolution of the Ludoil Group will rely on the decarbonisation of energy products and processes, diversifying and expanding our presence in the businesses of Green retail and renewables. With this strategy, we will significantly increase the Group’s resilience to the volatility of the post-pandemic world scenario.

Donato Ammaturo

President and CEO