Luce is the holding company of the Ludoil Group dedicated to the development and management of energetic generation activities from renewable sources at an international level.

As part of Ludoil Group, Luce identifies intervention areas potentially synergistic with our infrastructures to create increasingly sustainable business models. On the other hand, it concentrates its investments in a mix of energetic generation that includes the main renewable sources.

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Sun, wind power, waste sorting: producing renewable energy means using all these elements to generate clean energy. In comparison to conventional sources, the renewables are able to drastically reduce the level of emissions.

Luce: Goals

Innovation and sustainability to be among the most important players in the world of renewable energy.

Luce: Values

Creating shared value and Sustainable Development Goals guide our business strategies.


Yesterday waste, today resources that produce energy (zero-impact).


In November 2021, through Luce, we completed the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Raco s.r.l., a company equipped with a composting plant for the treatment of the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (OFMSW). In recent months, we have been working on a project to modernize the plant that involves the implementation of the anaerobic digestion technology, with the aim of adding biomethane production to compost production. The revamping works will allow to remodulate the OFMSW treatment capacity of the plant, bringing it from 150 thousand to over 195 thousand tons annually, equivalent to the annual production of organic waste from the waste sorting of 1,2 million inhabitants. By November 2023 we will be able to inject 14.500.000 Sm3 of biomethane into the network, enough to travel 290 million km by car.

Plant Features

  • Address: Via Contrada Gesuiti - Belpasso (CT)
  • Area: Private, 54.225 m2
  • Input : 142 tons from OFMSW
  • Output : 14.500.000 Sm3 di biometano
  • Products:

    of biomethane