Ludoil station

More than 200 points dedicated to mobility, people and cars.

Our network of filling stations is a reference point for travelers: over 200 fuel stations throughout Italy, located both in the urban and suburban areas along the most important roads.

Ludoil station

A modern and functional network with a wide, innovative and advantageous offer.

The extensiveness of the network allows the Group to promote a commercial strategy strongly focused on people, to be at the side of Italians wherever they need energy and services to move, with a wide, innovative and advantageous offer.

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The acquisition of the Auchan network: features and rebranding.

In April 2021, we acquired the network of Auchan self-service gasoline stations in charge of Margherita Distribuzione, with more than 30 sales points located in the main shopping centers in Italy. After a rebranding phase, this network is now managed by our holding company Iperstaroil and, with an average supply of 8 million liters, about 8 times the Italian average, represents 1% of the market share in Italy.


The transformation of infrastructure and the evolution of filling stations.

In order to make a concrete contribution to the objectives of sustainable mobility, Ludoil stations are integrating the current offer with alternative energy carriers. The transformation includes the enhancement of the offer for electric mobility with the setting up of columns for fast and ultra-fast charging, as well as increasingly sustainable fuels, such as biomethane, compressed and liquefied, and hydrogen. To further accelerate the reduction of CO₂ emissions in the transport sector, the supply of biofuels will also be increased. In the future, HVO hydrogenated biofuel will be available 100% pure.


A series of low-cost initiatives in response to economic difficulties.

Over the years, in response to the economic difficulties of the Country, we have promoted a tight low cost policy by distributing homogeneously and throughout the national territory a network of fuel stations of social brands belonging to the Ludoil Group.

Ludoil brands pursue a strongly lowered price policy: an initiative that has not only achieved significant commercial success but has gained social support in the areas and communities in which we operate.