Luce is the Ludoil Group company dedicated to the development and management of power generation from renewable sources at an international level. Luce has promoted a growing integration of sustainability into its strategic vision with the aim of increasing the benefits for the local communities where it operates. The company has planned investments of 1,2 billion Euro in the four-year plan 2021-2025.


Sodeco operates in the oil downstream sector, focusing on the supply of finished products, logistics and distribution. The company has four coastal terminals owned in Civitavecchia (RM), with a total storage capacity of over 400,000 cubic meters, connected by several pipelines including a line that connects the terminals with Rome Fiumicino International Airport for the supply of Jet A-1 and SAF. Moreover, Sodeco manages one of the most important Bunker Terminals of the Mediterranean, near the docks no. 22 and 23 of the port of Civitavecchia.

Petroli Investimenti

It is the company of the Ludoil Group that deals with of unloading and sorting of the produced oil from tankers by an offshore oil platform, of its property, situated in the roadstead of Civitavecchia (RM), where ships with a gross capacity up to 100,000 tons can berth. The oil rig is located at Lat. 42 is 07'27" N - Long. 11 has 43'38" and, with a diameter of 25.50 meters, is 2.2 km from the coast. The Petroli Investimenti offshore platform and the Sodeco coastal terminals allow us to be the largest private operator in Mediterranean oil logistics.

Gala Logistica

In September 2021 we acquired from Q8 100% of Kri Logistica shares, today Gala Logistica, company that manages a coastal terminal in Trieste and an oil terminal in Visco (UD), connected to each other from an oil pipeline of about 60 km. Thanks to its strategic location, Gala Logistica can supply a large market area, including Slovenia, Carinthia, part of Triveneto and northern Croatia. With the easy loading of more than 150 tankers per day, the entire logistics system, to date, is able to handle one million tons of fuel per year.

Meridionale Petroli

Meridionale Petroli is involved in the supply of finished products, logistics and distribution through a coastal terminal located in Vibo Valentia. The geographical location of the terminal is a focal point for the supply of the fuel distribution network not only of Calabria but of all southern Italy. In fact, with a storage capacity of 29,000 cubic meters and a turn around over twelve times greater than this capacity, guarantees over 50% of oil consumption in the Calabria region.

Ludoil Energia

Through the Ludoil Group terminals and a fleet of tankers, Ludoil Energia manages the commercial activities focusing on the wholesale of oil products both to the Retail component - owned fuel filling stations - and to the wholesale component. The wholesale area also includes the marketing of petroleum products and marine fuel oils VLSFO and marine gas oils VLSO for ships and ferries. In addition, Ludoil Energia operates an oil terminal in Nola (NA) linked to the foundation of the Group.


In April 2021, through the newco Giadoil, we acquired the network of fuel stations branded Auchan of Margherita Distribuzione Group. The filling stations are located at hypermarkets and supermarkets throughout Italy, and are now managed by Iperstaroil, a company of the Ludoil Group that benefits from the entire network. With an average delivery of 8 million liters - about 8 times the Italian average - the volumes of the Iperstaroil network represent about 1% of the market share of the country.