Our history, step by step.

Acquisitions, partnerships, operational excellence: we have reinvented ourselves, we are abandoning conventional production models, which are no longer sustainable. A challenge that determines, already today, our way of making energy.


Growth strategy and energy efficiency.

The debate on decarbonisation shows the importance of creating integrated models of the environment-energy-economy, in the face of a world in great economic difficulty that must find investments for a low carbon global path.

Business Strategy

Increasingly integrated activities

We will be more and more integrated, along all the chain of the value, through the development of the commercial activities, in synergy with the logistic bases and the property network.


Expansion of energy products

We are expanding our product portfolio with special fuels including Jet Fuel, Biojet SAF, Marine Fuel VLSFO, bitumen and LPG for multiple users and different industries.


Development of the supply sales channel

In the extra network channel we commercialize fuells: in the next few years the volumes of the supply sales will be always greater.


Capillarisation of the network channel

Today we are present in 18 Italian regions with more than 200 filling stations. A number expected to increase through new strategic acquisitions.


Enhancement of logistic assets

We have planned revamping operations that concern the Group’s coastal terminals. Moreover, there will be upgrades and other acquisitions of logistics assets.


Input of biomethane into the network

Through the holding company Luce, we have acquired 100% of Raco, a company active in the treatment of OFMSW. By 2023 we will be active with the sale of biomethane.


More and more in renewables

We are developing technologies and projects to decarbonise our products in order to improve the energy efficiency of the logistics system and reduce emissions.


Carbon neutrality

We will achieve carbon neutrality in 2050 as an active part of a virtuous path, maximizing the offer of alternative fuels for different consumer segments.


An industrial conversion based on sustainability.

We made a commitment: to transform our energy production into a mix of energy generation that includes the main renewable sources. Through our holding company Luce, we will invest to accelerate the energy transition in the world with major investments in the period 2021-2025.

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road to 2050

Getting to Net-Zero Emissions by 2050



net zero emissions


20 GW

installed renewable capacity


10 Mton CO2

total capture and storage capacity


8 Mton CO2

offset with forestry projects