A flexible and competitive distribution.

Using an efficient logistics system, which includes owned oil terminals, pipelines and fleets of committed tankers, through the subsidiary Ludoil Energia we carry out wholesale activities of oil products. We move over 600,000 cubic meters of oil products, equivalent to the refueling of 2 liters of fuel for every car in Europe.

We market and distribute both fuels for independent operators and oil companies, and special products such as Jet A-1 and SAF, marine gas oils and bitumen, intended respectively for airlines, shipping companies and industries. We invest mainly in innovative products, obtained thanks to the use of refining technologies and advanced formulation strategies.

Oil and special products

Oil products and special products for more users and different industries.


We contribute to the decarbonisation of air transport by selling sustainable fuels.

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We manage one of the most important Bunker Terminals in the Mediterranean sea for the loading/unloading of OCD and diesel.

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