Air Operations

The range of action of the Ludoil Group extends to the sky.

We sell enough aviation fuel each year for an airliner to reach the Moon and back.

Our commitment in the aviation sector consists mainly in the storage and marketing of Jet A-1 and Biojet SAF fuels. We focus our efforts on finding the highest quality of delivered products and the related operating procedures, in accordance with the guidelines recommended by the JIG 1530 standards.

Our logistics system allows us to provide services at the following Italian airports.








Logistics infrastructure to support air mobility.

The storage activity takes place in one of the four coastal terminals of our property located in Civitavecchia and, more precisely, in the oil terminal Sodeco 4 in Via Angelo Molinari.

This terminal is connected by a 12-inch pipeline of about 63 km, which runs along the A12 Rome-Civitavecchia highway, to the Pantano di Grano plant: sorting area for the International Airport "Leonardo da Vinci" of Rome Fiumicino, the largest in Italy and the third in Europe. Currently, through this pipeline - identified as a Italian strategic assets - we are able to provide more than half of the airport’s needs.

In addition to Fiumicino airport, we can also serve other Italian airports through a fleet of tankers dedicated to the transport of aviation products.

Terminal Features

  • Address: Via Angelo Molinari, 4 - Civitavecchia (RM)
  • Area: private, 110.000 m2
  • Storage capacity : 138.000 m3
  • Products:

    jet a-1


The first Italian Biojet SAF cargo for Rome Airport and ITA Airways passes through our infrastructure.

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Strategic partnerships to reduce aviation emissions: a key lever for growth and development.

We started a partnership with Eni to supply the main airlines with alternative fuels for aviation, the so-called Biojet SAF or Sustainable Aviation Fuel.

It is obtained exclusively from sustainable feedstocks and represents, in the short and medium term, a way to significantly contribute to the decarbonisation of air transport. Using SAF can reduce lifecycle carbon emissions by up to 80% compared to the traditional Jet Fuel it replaces.


Procedures constantly updated to safeguard all stakeholders.

All undertaken procedures comply with a strict Health, Safety and Environment Policy (HSE): we consider the satisfaction of all stakeholders, internal and external, the fundamental requirement to improve and oversee the processes of managed HSE and we are committed to pursuing challenging goals.

These goals are achieved through compliance with both in Italian HSE standards and the adoption of voluntary international standards. The procedures for the storage and handling of aviation fuels are constantly updated, in accordance with the JIG - Guidelines for Aviation Fuel Quality Control & Operating Procedures.

Other wholesale activities

We manage one of the most important Bunker Terminals in the Mediterranean sea for the loading/unloading of OCD and diesel.